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In the field of medical devices, there are procedures in which the treatment area temperature is the most important parameter that should be controlled and there is a need of measuring it.

Temperature sensors used in medical devices can be divided in two groups: contact sensors and optical sensors.

Most of the RF medical devices use contact sensors to measure patient body temperature. In this case, normally, sensors are attached to one of the metal parts that have contact with a patient body. They can be built in into metal electrodes or can have a dedicated part to keep sensor in contact with skin.
Unfortunately, as sensors are in contact with other materials, the measurement of temperature can be influenced by this material and can differ even up to 5 degrees from the real treatment area temperature.

Being aware of this, Berger&Kraft device introduced optical sensors for face and body treatments, in Sectum hand pieces. Comparing to standard sensor, the infrared optical temperature sensor has no contact with any metal parts of the applicator and can measure the real treatment area temperature.

Thanks to this Berger&Kraft Sectum generator can manage power output settings in a precise way to ensure treatment effectiveness and patient safety.