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How to choose the right thermolifting machine for your practice?

Even though thermolifting machines deliver the same results, no machine would suit everyone. Before deciding which thermolifting machine meets your needs, you might want to find out more about technology applied, a range of procedures and combined therapies available for the device.

What kind of thermolifting machine will meet your needs?

First of all, you need to know what benefits you expect to gain and what your clients want. There are no easy answers to these questions. Thermolifting machines usually provide the same functions – thermal body and face lifting is a non-invasive procedure that overcomes loose skin and wrinkles very well.


The only question is what technology do you need? There are plenty of machines that have only one feature or the technology that is applied can’t be combined with other procedures such as lasers or dermal fillers. Also, you need to consider if after the treatment your patients are able to notice any effective changes in their bodies.

Does Zaffiro suit your preferences?

Zaffiro is the only device used in aesthetic medicine that combines infrared radiation and water peeling. Completely non-invasive rejuvenating treatment which improves the condition of face and body skin. Zaffiro emits infrared (IR) radiation which, while heating collagen fibers, constricts them to their original length and lets the skin regain its elasticity and firmness quickly while smoothing the wrinkles. By constricting existing collagen fibers and synthesis of new ones, Zaffiro instantly increases the tightness and density of treated skin. The therapy results in the reduction of wrinkles, more shallow nasolabial furrow, it uplifts sagging cheeks and corrects the face oval.

The benefits for clinics of this medical device are considered to be beyond compare. To be sure you’re choosing the right device to keep in mind that in one machine you have two different technologies: IR and Water Peeling.


One device. Two Technologies. More options.

Not everyone wants to firm and condense the skin or get rid of existing wrinkles and imperfections. Water Peeling is not only a faster and effective way of facial rejuvenation with accelerated microscopic droplets but at the same time, the skin is effectively moisturized. For patients who need quick “lunch treatment” after which their skin will look fresher, cleaner and glowing is the perfect solution.


Can Zaffiro be combined with other procedure?

Unless your Thermolifting machine purchase is part of the complete services you offer in your clinic, it’s good to know how your new device will function with your existing treatments. Zaffiro definitely can be combined with other treatments. Combined therapies even will double the spectacular effects. The hydration of the skin will be improved by the injections of hyaluronic acid. The synergy between Zaffiro and dermal fillers gives very good therapeutic results, which are a multiple of the effects of monotherapy. The IR thermo-lifting treatments can be performed on the same day as other aesthetic interventions.


Is Zaffiro a Good Investment?

Determining the true value of Zaffiro includes a few crucial factors. Bear in mind the initial price of purchase along with the expected maintenance costs to make sure your clinic is prepared to cover those expenses. However, take into consideration all additional services that go along with this unique medical device. Berger&Kraft (the company that invented Zaffiro) will deliver you the post-sale support – trainings, reliable technical service, and marketing support.